We have begun fundraising. Basically, we are at the point in our Lyme treatment that we need some help to finish.

I am an avid crocheter and make amazing hats. Therefore, I will be selling my hats, to order, for $25 each. This includes free standard shipping. Go to the "Hats" tab for purchasing info. I sold original design, hand-crocheted and hand-knit items as well as original recipe treats and breads (yes, hand-kneaded!). We had so much fun with this, but Lyme has taken away my ability to work, and my business officially closed. I am to the point where I can crochet a little each day again! So, please check out the items for sale, and order a hat for yourself and someone you love... And please send this blog to your friends and family as well!

And what a way to start the chilly weather season!!!

Stop back to see some pretty additions that YOU could have in your wardrobe. :)

Also, I have a number of crocheted and knitted items that I have made over the last several months and would love to find them a home for a donation.

Please feel free to send this on to anyone you think would like to purchase any of these items or order a custom-made hat!


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