Who We Are

We are a family of 5, with 4 infected Lymies.

Each of us has been infected since birth, making this a 3-generation disease in our family!

Lauren's parents just recently found out they have Lyme disease, and Lauren herself only found out the awful truth about her "mystery illness" back in October of 2011. She has been treating ever since.

She unknowingly passed it on to all 3 of her daughters, Abigail (10), Miriam (7), and Rebekah (5).

The "Lam Fam Lymie Girls" are fighters! But to be able to fight, they need to be able to buy the medicines and supplements as well as regularly see their Lyme Literate Doctors.

Please watch our video to learn more about these warriors:

Also, here on this blog, you can see the different fundraising options that are available. From adorable baby booty and headband combos all the way to adult hats – all of Lauren's original, handcrafted design, you can purchase some amazing items to help this family with their expenses. There are also a few odds and ends that Lauren has made over the last few years that have never quite found a home (read: they are still brand new, never worn/used!).

Lauren will custom-make the hat of your choice, with or without a flower pin, and will mail it directly to you for the low price of $25. (This includes shipping!) Other items are priced individually; all prices include standard shipping. You can view the custom hats at the "Hats" page, above.

There is also the "Other Items" page, as well as a Lyme-specific page for more fundraising options such as Lyme disease awareness bracelets and lanyards, etc.

Of course, if you want to give monetarily, you can do so over at www.YouCaring.com. (This link will take you directly to our page!)


  1. I know a holistic physician who can cure lyme with herbs in three weeks with no harsh drugs. He helped me with chronic lyme. If you would like more info, email me: rrubyfire@aol.com

  2. HI,
    I am a late stage chronic LYME sufferer. I enjoy your blog!
    I have developed a childrens cartoon video and placed it on Youtube. It teaches kids to be "tick aware".
    Please hit on it...as our goal is to make it go viral, so media will come knocking, thus opening the door to teach Lyme awareness.
    Please add this link to your blog, requesting your readers to hit on it, as well as your social media connections. Thank you for your tremendous work. Perhaps a cure will be found for us one day.