This is the page where you can purchase a custom-made hat, just for you (or someone you love), as seen in the pics below.

Please note that USA residents get free shipping. All others, please add $10 for shipping. Thanks.

How to purchase a hat:
  • Go to www.PayPal.com and send a $25 donation to me using this email address: mrscomfortable@gmail.com.
  • Then either email me at ComfyKozy@gmail.com or leave a note on the PayPal transaction with your name, address, and specifying which number hat, a color (including adjectives such as "dark" or "light" or tell me as specific as you like) for the hat, and then a color for the flower. If no flower is desired, that's fine as well. The flower can either be sewn onto the hat or made as a pin. Just specify.
That is all! I will get to work and either mail the item(s) or make and then mail item(s) right away.

There are a few varieties to choose from:




#5 (Good for Men or Women!)

So go ahead and choose your style, donate, and email me for your order! You may also email me with questions.

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