Lyme-specific Items

We also have Lyme-specific items for a donation. Shipping is free. See below, what you might like to purchase!

Please note that USA residents get free shipping. All others, please add $10 for shipping. Thanks.

How to purchase these items:
  • Go to and send a donation, in the amount for your item(s) requested, to me using this email address: ***You do NOT need a PayPal account to send money.***
  • Then either email me at or leave the following information in the PayPal notes section: your name, address, that you left a donation for $XX, and which item(s) you are requesting. 
    That is all! I will get to work and mail the item(s) right away. Thank you for donating!!!

    Silicone Lyme awareness bracelet, in Adult and Children's sizes.
    Says "Faith" "Hope" "Love" with the awareness ribbon in between each word.

    Bangle Lyme awareness bracelet, one size (Adult).
    Says "FIND THE CURE" with Lyme awareness ribbons in between.

    Lyme awareness ribbon lapel pins.

    Lyme awareness lanyards. Says "Find a cure" with Lyme awareness ribbons in between.

    Lyme awareness car magnets. Says "Find The Cure". (Six left in stock currently, so please order yours today! I will be re-stocking when I have a decent order put together.)

    Lime green watch. ONE LEFT!!


    1. I'm psyched to find you're selling awareness bracelets I have Lyme (chronic) Bart and Bab my mom has been wanting these!!

      1. Hi crayola, please let me know if you would like to order any of these items. Currently all are in stock. :) Awareness is SO important! I pray your treatment is going well. Mine has taken an unexpected but amazing turn!