Monday, October 24, 2011

Internally speaking...

Well, the days went on... I continued in my whirlwind of symptoms while preparing to put doctors at ease from their worries of "how will I afford my Jag payment this month?"

My first visit, after my chiropractor was to my internist. This was actually my first visit with her, as I didn't have a "regular" doctor yet. I never needed one. I moved here, found a gynecologist and a chiropractor. That's all I ever needed... Until, well, you know. She, of course, sent me to the vampires for massive amounts of tests: Thyroid, Vitamins B12 and D, Iron, Ferritin, CPK, LDH, urinalysis. All things point to normal. Her reply? "Now Fibromyalgia is not a diagnosis of exclusion, but seeing as I can't find anything else wrong with you, I think you have Fibromyalgia. I'm going to send you to a Rheumatologist for a consultation. And in the meantime, please take this prescription for Lyrica. It's for Fibromyalgia and should help you feel better." (She possibly continued under her breath... "Oh, it's habit-forming and only works when it gets built up in your system. Have fun with addiction." Wait, maybe that was my thought after reading up on Lyrica.)

Go ahead... Read her reply again. I know, it's comical. I'll wait.

While waiting for my Rheumatologist appointment, I began to strongly feel that my problems were neurological, so I called my internist to ask for a change in plans. She agreed to allow the Neurologist appointment, BUT I had to keep my Rheumatologist appointment as well. ??? Okay. Fine. My first mistake. Well, I took the Lyrica for a few weeks, and then stopped around the end of October for two reasons. One, if I was going to see a new specialist, I wanted my symptoms to be fresh, so I could explain what was happening. Two, my husband and I were taking a cruise to the Bahamas to celebrate our ten years of marriage over Halloween weekend (coincidence--our anniversary is in June; this is when the cruise line could fit our free cruise in). I wanted to have freedom to have a little fun on the trip.

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