Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yes, Virginia, There Really IS a Lyme Disease!

A few weeks after my third/fourth Lyme test combo, I got a letter with an enclosure from my really, really nice neuro. I read:

"The screening test for Lyme Disease had a low positive titer, but the more sensitive test, the Western Blot, was negative. Both are included for your review. This is consistent with a negative Lyme test."

I turned the page and saw:
(Among many other "bands" [different antibodies all for different aspects of Lyme] that were tested and found "absent")
My P41 IGM band read: "Present (A)"

A little lower, after more "normal" readings, came:
Lyme IGG/IGM Antibody    0.00-0.90 Index     "1.71 (H)"

And then:
Lyme Antibody Interpretation     "Positive (A)"

I knew immediately that my life really would never be the same.

All those tests.
All those doctors.
All those vials of blood.
All those envelopes with fancy pages inside, explaining all that we owed.
All those days and nights of unrelenting symptoms.
All those days where we discovered the onset of new symptoms.
All this time.

What would we do?
What would it take?

I thought of Miracle Max and his witch–I mean–wife from The Princess Bride. "Bye-bye! Have fun storming the castle! – Do you think it will work?" "It would take a miracle."

I went online and started looking for anything–anything that I could get my hands on. How do I find one of those Lyme Literate MDs I had heard so much about in the documentary? So I went to their website, which took me to a place where I could privately email and ask for a list of LLMDs in my area. The problem was that my "area" all-of-a-sudden included places like St. Louis, MO. Not really what I had in mind. So I kept searching; afterall, that's what those engines are for, right?

I found MDJunction's Lyme Disease group and joined. Right away, I was hooked up with some names of LLMDs who were actually in my own state. Hooray! I also was guided, by the moderator of that group, to my own state's Lyme Disease support group's site where I begged for admission. Of course, I was accepted, and began the days and weeks of reading everything I could get my hands on about this new anti-Lauren, also known as Lyme Disease. It would be a nice long time before I could get in to my scheduled appointment, so I might as well hang in there and study up on this enemy's war games.


  1. I wait with eager anticipation for the next blog. Although the Lymes is a horrible sentence that I am watching you go through as your Mother, you're making it rather entertaining! Of course you always liked being in the "Lymelight" EWE, bad pun! Dad & I are with you babe.

  2. oh dear... *groan* But seriously, thank mom. I love you.