Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Lyme Doctor – URGENT

I feel the need to post today as this morning when I awoke and checked my email from bed–something I do to help gently nudge myself into the land of the awake–I read that my Lyme Doctor is under attack. 

He is scheduled for a hearing to suspend his license. Why? Interestingly enough, they don't like the way he speaks... and a few other nonsensical issues. I am pasting a portion of a letter from a Lyme network friend. (Now that he is under scrutiny, my doctor's name is known.)

"The final report as filed by the doctor's that observed him found him deficient in: 

* Patient interviewing and communication skills
* Record Keeping
* Overall Fund of Medical Knowledge
* Mental deficiency due to diagnostic procedures and hesitant speech patterns

35 years of practicing medicine and they don't like the way he speaks. 

Based upon these findings the WI. Department of Safety and Professionalism {specifically, lead investigator Arthur Thexton} has issued a petition to have Dr. Hoffmann's medical license suspended immediately pending a final decision by the WI. Medical Examining Board. 

We must have everyone write immediately on Dr. Hoffmann's behalf. They can pass an order to suspend his license immediately and then go through the years long, laborious process to get it reinstated. I spoke personally with Doc last evening regarding this matter and he's devastated. The man can't even afford an attorney. Of course, what doctor could charging $100 per-office visit and taking Medicare and Medicaid patients ? It's time we gave back to him." 

Here's my thought: I really don't think this is solely about the above bullet points. This is a very much shared view by many of his patients.

PLEASE: Even if you don't know him, even if you don't know what is exactly going on, KNOW THIS: Dr. Hoffmann is a spectacular doctor. He is the most down-to-earth doctor and knows what he is doing. Many people in the Lyme community tout him as one of the best in the midwest. He is also the least expensive Lyme doctor in the United States. You read that correctly.

This is what happened to many docs including ones in the documentary Under Our Skin, which is with regards to Lyme Disease... the truth about Lyme Disease, that is.

PLEASE sign this petition to help save my (and hundreds of others') Lyme Doctor!!!

Thank you all. 

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  1. Hey Lauren,

    My LLMD went through the same thing through, he lost and went bankrupt and lost his medical license for awhile. He now has moved his practice to DC. This is outrageous. My blog is , Please keep me updated.

    Best wishes,