Sunday, November 13, 2011

On the On-Ramp

Well, this past Wednesday I hit the 2-week mark of my treatment. I ramped up from a 1/2-dose to a full dose of the Clarithromycin, and about 24 hours later, I felt it!

I have to say, sometimes antibiotics leave you with nasties. This one is no exception. I have this little friend that is with me all day, every day. His name? (Yes, notice it's a boy, LOL) Mr. Awful-Rancid-Disgusting-Taste-In-My-Mouth. Unrelenting. Unless I am about an hour late in taking my next dose. :)

Today was the day of days for herxing. Remember, that is the reaction we feel from the bacteria die-off, leaving their endo-toxins (neuro-toxins) for us to feel sicker. I felt everything I had experienced so far, but more so. If there was a magnifying glass for feeling, I was under it today.

I almost didn't go to church. I felt awful: horribly aching/burning arms and legs, joint pain, stomach upset, intestinal cramp-ish feeling, eye sensitivity to light–would actually leave blackish blind spots after looking near a light. It was a pretty bad day today.

But I am hopeful. This means we are killing these enemies of mine. I have been taking baths to detox from these toxins about twice a week. Epsom salts, Hydrogen Peroxide, and freshly grated Ginger in a nice hot bath. Sucks out the nasties while leaving me with a fresh Ginger scent. :) Lovely.

So that is the update here. Borrelia Burgdorferi dying... Lauren gaining ground.

Now, I also believe I have one or two co-infections; Bartonella and Babesia, to be precise. Many Lymies have more than just Lyme Disease to battle. The Bartonella does wreak havoc on muscles and joints, among many other things. So if the Lyme is waning, the Bart may well be thriving. I will begin treating for the Bart after getting used to the current treatment.

Stick around folks... Lots of fun and surprises around every corner! Until next time...

BY THE WAY... The medical board/attorneys received an overwhelming number of letters in support of my doctor, as well as a petition with over 2,000 signatures... They have already come to an agreement: he is no longer in danger of license suspension!! Praising God right now!