Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well, today I started a new treatment... For the Babesia... The co-infection that is, among other things, attacking my heart. I'm going to say that if the following phenomenon has anything to do with my new medicine, life will be quite interesting. And while I know that medicine usually doesn't show its effects for a day or so, is this possibly from the Alinia? Seeing as that is the only thing that has changed, I can't help but think it is so...

I began Alinia – well, the generic kind from Canada, because the real stuff costs over $1,300 PER MONTH and I'm not Mrs. Moneypants – and 10 hours into the first dose and I am noticing something. I am wobbly. Like every minute I get a little more wobbly.

My legs are trying to give out on me, my knees hurt, and every muscle in my body that normally holds various body parts up/in place has become very unsure of what its primary function is... Result: many jerky/sloshy movements. I probably look like a drunken sailor/Parkinson's patient rolled into one cute little hat-sporting, scarf-wearing Lymie. Hat and scarf are staples all day long as I am perpetually C-O-L-D (pronounced: freezing). The cold lifestyle is all part and parcel to the Autonomic Disorder. I just can't regulate my temperature correctly. Fun.

Anyway, that is the update. I'm wobbly. And I've had to hit the delete key twice as much as my normal Lyme-induced typing dyslexia typically demands. Yuck.

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  1. Did you get dizzy from babesia treatment? And did the alinia eventually help?? I'm always feeling like I'm gonna fall over. Hate the vertigo! Babesia is something else huh