Sunday, January 8, 2012

A–little A-linia goes A–Long way...

Well, I am day 5 into my Alinia treatment and still at a half-dose. Thankfully the wobbly sensations are subsiding. I still do experience them, but not to the degree of my first night.

I make sure to take a detox bath about every 2 or 3 days, and that really does help. This bath has 2-3 cups of Epsom Salt, 2 cups of Hydrogen Peroxide, and 2-3 tablespoons of freshly grated Ginger root (thanks to my wonderful hubby who does the grating!).

Even with these baths, I still do experience issues. The most prominent seem to be pain (shocker) in my hands, knees, and upper arms, as well as legs, and lower arms, but they are not as terrible. I also have the worst neck pain. I am having a hard time with the Doxycycline in the mornings. I take this to make sure the Babesia doesn't become immune to the Alinia. The Doxy makes me extremely nauseated for about 45 minutes. So I know there's an end in sight, but man, those 45 minutes just have to be right when I'm trying to get my kiddos ready for school on a time limit. Ugh. (Just need to keep telling myself, "This too, shall pass!")

And the herx reaction that wins the "ridiculous" category is the jolts of jerking that happens when I'm trying to SLEEP! Two nights ago it was my arms. Last night it was my abdomen. I can feel an "energy" building, just like in a "restless leg" type of situation, and then – involuntarily, might I add – I jerk/jolt/twitch/whatever-you-want-to-call-it... I'm sure my husband calls it annoying. ;-) It keeps me awake, to be sure. So then I sleep longer in the morning, to catch up on the lost sleep from the early night hours.

So there's the skinny on the 'Linnie (AKA Alinia).

Kermit said it best: "It's not easy being green..."


  1. thanks for the update - I have nausea with doxy also, so that doesn't surprise me. Raising you up in prayer - MOM