Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fatigued Adrenals Say What?

Well, I have been to the LLMD, and have returned... No more worse for the wear, physically speaking. However...

If you remember back in my "Officially Official" post, I got to do a saliva test to check my cortisol levels, thus addressing my Adrenal Glands. Lymies tend to have really jacked up Thyroids and/or Adrenals.

Since my Thyroid was in pretty good shape, my Lyme Doc figured I should have the ole Adrenals checked out, and well... W.O.W. is all I can say. Interestingly enough, as I was sitting in the doctor's office, my test results came in over the wires. Talk about your timing! If that wasn't enough, as I was sitting in the exam room, my Lymie friend J texted me, asking about my Adrenal test results. Uncanny!

The fabulous Dr. walked in and we addressed my protocol, herxing, and my overall status. Nothing too major to report, except for the migraine that about took my head clean off my body... Well it felt like it anyway!

We talked about the juicing I have begun to do, and she was elated. It's really one of the best ways to detox, as the green veggies house a tree-load of chlorophyll, which is great for binding to toxins and ushering them through those intestines and out into the pool drop-off area, if you catch my drift. ;-) Did you know that if you get the toxins moving, they end up in the intestines, and if they aren't bound to anything [read: handcuffed to a special agent] they most likely get re-absorbed!!

She also encouraged me to continue the nearly famous foot detox baths, as well as my Epsom Salt and grated Ginger baths, taking Milk Thistle and Dandelion daily, and drinking the freshly-squeezed lemon juice in my daily water.

Lastly, we talked about my Adrenals. Here is what we learned from the infamous spit test. I am in 3rd Stage Adrenal Fatigue. There are 4 stages.

  • Stage 1: "Alarm Reaction"
  • Stage 2: "Resistance Response"
  • Stage 3: "Adrenal Fatigue" or "Adrenal Exhaustion"
  • Stage 4: "Adrenal Failure"
(You can find more information on this at Dr. Lam's website. Very informative. He does split Stage 3 into 4 sub-stages, but this is apparently this is his own interpretation.)

Thanks to Wikipedia for the illustration. This is where the Adrenals are, perched atop the ole Kidneys.

This explains the extreme fatigue, the debilitating fatigue after limb use, and that wicked wicked belly fat I have been unsuccessful to lose – after losing 45 pounds in the last year, even!!

Next up, how do we fix this?

After learning of how serious this was, we talked remedies. There are many ways to naturally support the Adrenals, but in my [naturopathic] doctor's opinion, which I trust, she said we needed to start with Hydrocortisone capsules. And I love how she stated this next part about dosing. Ready?
"Most people we start out at 5 mg, but I think we will start you out at 10." Nice, right?

So I am – on top of my Lyme and Babesia protocols – taking Hydrocortisone every day for three months, and then will re-evaluate at that point. Hopefully soon enough we will be able to move to a natural approach in this matter, but if we started there, it wouldn't take very well. 

All in all, correcting my Adrenals will take a long to time correct. Lyme for the long haul... Now it has a traveling companion. Next stop: Adrenal wellness! ETA: 3-5 years.

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