Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ondamed and Ranch Dressing... (What is Ondamed, you say?)

I went to an amazing naturopathic conference a few weekends ago in our state's capital. It was, as I said, amazing. Bet you didn't see that one coming...

I learned SO much about the newest info regarding Lyme and had an Ondamed treatment. Wow. Can we say "Hello Bart!"I got up from my treatment and a friend of mine asked what was all over the backs of my arms. See for yourself... Looks a lot like chicken wire. And it wasn't there before the treatment.

Here's a shot of my legs, nearly 12 hours after the treatment.

They truly don't look that crazy in "normal" circumstances.

So something was working, that's for sure! I am looking forward to beginning this Ondamed. It is a bit expensive, though. I couldn't believe what I heard coming from the nurse's mouth. I told her nothing about my situation.

She knew I had Lyme of course, but she began the treatment and began by saying, "You have cardiac issues?" Yes, I have POTS, and the Lyme and Babs have messed up my heart.

Next up: "Your central nervous system is not very good." Nope, I have Autonomic Dysfunction, which is inside the CNS.

Then: "Your endocrine system is taxed." Yes, I'm in Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue.

Wait for it.... "Are you experiencing any intestinal discomfort?" Nope... She dials in more specifically. "Oh, it looks like you have maybe some gas bubbles more in the stomach area." Seriously? I am lactose intolerant and had ranch dressing at lunch. The Ondamed knew I cheated with dairy!

Last: "Your Lymphatic system is really bad." Yes, yes it is. Every time I do my foot detox baths, so much sludge that is lymphatic in nature comes out. It was unbelievable.

So, to sum up, Ondamed rocks. Bio-feedback is kind of what is happening. The machine communicates with the body and the body communicates back! I know, sounds weird. Almost like quackery... But guess what? It isn't. I am living proof. How she zeroed in on all of my issues was just amazing. I could not believe how accurate it was. I mean, come on. Ranch dressing? Yep. Ranch dressing.

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  1. Did you continue treatment? How did it go?
    I'm currently doing this and I'm not sure it's helping long term. I have no insurance though and I'm torn on what to do next.