Monday, October 1, 2012

So... Enough About Me, What Do YOU Think of Me?

Well, as promised, another update. This time I get to talk about me. Fun fun... LOL

The summer started out sl...BAM/WHACK/POW! fast. Yeah, we thought it might have a nice, slow introduction. You know, take its time to slowly walk around us, whispering sweet nothings into our ears... introduce itself... "Hi, I'm summer, I like ice cream for a hot midday treat and breezy evening walks by the lake," that sort of thing.

Instead, May (yes, still spring, technically) presented itself with myself hosting a screening of Under Our Skin – if you still haven't seen this documentary on Lyme, it's high time you did! – then another "journey," as my youngest calls it, to the kids' LLND (Lyme Literate Naturopathic Doctor [who's also a nurse practitioner] for those who weren't really sure but felt silly asking), then it was off to help hosting the Wisconsin Lyme Network's annual "Lace Up For Lyme Walk" at the Milwaukee Zoo in – of course – Milwaukee. A few various doctor's appointments and the month of May was well-rounded out.

June hit with a whirlwind as well. My older kiddos finished up the school year, including my Abigator graduating from 5th grade. Terrific ceremony; we especially were filled with pride and joy to hear her name called more than 5 times for different honors and such including peer mediation, which is a terrific honor at this school, and other accolades. I shot how-to videos with a friend, had more doctor appointments, held a support group meeting (every month, actually), and then we were off to Florida!!!

An 8-day vacation for the whole family, including our former exchange daughter from Germany, who came back again this summer for a visit. We went through Tropical Storm Debby for half of this time, so we weren't able to wear me out so much. Probably a good thing!

Here is a short photo journal (so many more pics were taken of course, but you can see the highlights...)
We got to stay at Dinsey's Magic Kingdom until it closed. Watched the castle turn brilliant colors, and then some cool fireworks.

The "kids" on the ferry boat ride home... Yes, Dad was one of the kids at this point.

Rebekah was with me in the wheelchair most of the day, especially at night. She was plum tuckered out.

Me and Hannah over my shoulder. Friends/family forever.

My Lyme babies' first dance in the Atlantic. Quite the windy day! They had a blast.

Here we are, blue at Kennedy Space Center. Sorry for the grainy quality... Low light n all...

We even went up in space! Oh... Wait... This was a presentation. Either that or there's a huge, enormous threat shaped like a man attacking the earth... ;)

Through all this my Lyme treatment was pretty much steady on, status quo. We rented wheelchairs at the parks as I can't do much walking. I guess it's better to have my hubby push me around in a wheelchair than for me to not go! It was still good fun. Especially to be able to give this experience and spend this amazing time with our kids. Even the biggest one from Germany.

I didn't really have any changes in my symptoms... until July.

And we will pick up from here in a day or so.

Thanks for sticking with me folks. Peace, love, and cider mugs!

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